(WI) 218-722-7432
1114 Cloquet Ave
Cloquet, MN 55720
Located in the Back of the
Daugherty Appliance Bldg

Clients Testimonials

Dawn Hallsten

I love the local/small business feeling of Arrowhead (Water). I call and talk with a fabulously kind woman and I can easily pay my bill, order more water, and have it delivered promptly without any qualms! :)

Karin Robbins

Great service. Thanks

Juanita Tucker

We have been using the Arrowhead Water conditioner system for 18 years. When we have had a problem with the unit they have been here within 24 hours to render assistance or replace parts. We are very happy with the service they have given us. We would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a water conditioner system.

Brenda Tribby

Actually I have told many people already (about Arrowhead Water)! Some are thinking about installing a water unit they looked up the site!!

Sheila Fritsinger

The folks who deliver the water are always friendly. We never run out of water and don’t have to call to order. That’s nice!

Carolyn Dahlen

Kyle and Travis fixed my water softener within a short time after I talked to them about the issues happening. I am fortunate to have come into contact with them as they did a highly professional job, saved me significant money, and did the work timely. I recommend Arrowhead Water Services to everyone!

Shane Smith

Good Service

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